Cazarini Trading Company was founded in 2009 and currently has a portfolio of more than 140 clients around the globe and in all continents. Annualy we handle around 500.000 bags of green coffee and have been growing in average 15% every year.

We provide our clients weekly offerlists and market reports with the activities, developments of crops, trades and decisive information for the business. Cazarini is often quoted by NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and Reuters.

Located in the biggest coffee production area in the world, the company is based in Varginha (South of Minas Gerais state), which is 320km far from São Paulo, 320km from Belo Horizonte and 400km from Rio de Janeiro.

Varginha has it's own dry-port, several coffee warehouses and plays an important role in the coffee industry, gathering branches of the main coffee companies in the business.

Cazarini trades coffee from all regions (South Minas, Cerrado, Mogiana, Bahia, Zona da Mata, Espírito Santo) and all qualities: Fully and Semi-Washeds, Naturals (Fine and Good Cups), Grinders, Rio Minas, Conillons.

And we go beyond the borders, offering Colombian coffee as well: UGQ, EP-10, Supremos. For both origins, Brazil and Colombia, we are able to offer certified and sustainable coffees: RFA, UTZ, 4C, Fairtrade and Organic. Don't forget to ask us about single farms sourcing, with full traceability control.